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DJ Band

DJ Sepi offers an upscale live band combined with a DJ, an upbeat and fresh alternative to the traditional DJ setting is the perfect package for the party lover.


DJ Sepi offers a wide variety of lighting options to help create an elegant and chic tone for your special event.

Special Effects

Let DJ Sepi build the foundation for a breathtaking entertainment experience using special effects ranging from confetti blasters to laser shows.



Sepi. What started as a passion for music, lead to a starring career for DJ SEPI. His ultimate kick in life: The merging of two songs to create a unity of melodies!

As a international DJ, Deejay Sepi has mastered the art of mixing. His ear for international music has allowed him to perform for crowds that come from all around. He has performed many events which were attended by star singers and artists. As a resident Disc Jockey for the Saturday night show “Groove Radio” on 670am KIRN Radio Iran, Sepi has surpassed all others and made it to the airwaves, mixing live on the radio.

His strength: Keeping the crowed on their dancing shoes all night.
His Love: Music.

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